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Who Likes to Shop?

If you like to shop, AND want to help Treefort, we have a great opportunity for you! We have partnered with our local Kohl's store and have a gift registry to fill the first Treefort house with sheets, towels, dishes, toys and everything our new Treefort family will need!

Get your small group together for a shopping trip, take the kids to pick out some things or just enjoy a quiet morning of shopping alone in store or online!

For those of you who live near Muncie, our Muncie store is offering you a discount on anything purchased off of our Treefort Registry. Just let them know at the check-out that you are shopping for Treefort and they will apply the greatest discount they have available that day to your Treefort purchase!

To shop online, just click here!

This summer, the first house will be home to boys who need to have sheets on their beds, soft towels after a shower, toys to play with, pots and pans for making dinner and all the things you and I enjoy in our homes each and every day. Help us provide that for them by shopping at Kohl's today.

Thank you Kohl’s of Muncie for being a partner with Treefort! And remember, your donations are tax deductible, so save your receipt!


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