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"Look, they're growing!"

"Look, they're growing!" my son shouts with excitement as he sees the garden we planted a couple weeks ago.

Ten days ago we said good-bye to a boy who had lived with us since the end of February. It was sudden, it was not quite how we expected him to leave, but that's how it happened. Alot of good happened while he was here and we are a bit sad that the window of opportunity to impact him was short. However, we have confidence that seeds were planted in his heart...pray with us that one day someone will shout, "Look, they're growing!"

Just a week later, we said hello to a boy who has come to join the Treefort family. We don't know exactly how long his stay will be, but we are excited that he is here with us. His first few days have been full of playing legos, swimming in the pool, eating pizza and beginning to learn the routine of life at Treefort. Pray with us as we begin the process of planting seeds once again and look forward to the next opportunity to shout, "Look, they're growing!"

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