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Raising Children.  Changing the Future.

Statement of Faith


We believe that God the Father is the creator and owner of this earth and everything in it.


We believe that Jesus Christ was and is God and that He died and rose again that we might be able to know God.  We believe that following Jesus Christ is the best way to live life here on this earth and that following Jesus Christ is the only way to an afterlife that is whole and complete.


We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in those who follow Jesus Christ.  He is a guide, a comforter and the One who helps the community of believers function completely with all of its parts.


We believe that people are naturally sinful and depraved.


We believe that people were created to live in community with one another.


We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.  We believe that its purpose is to speak to us of who God is and give us His guiding principles to live this life in the best way possible.



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