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Treefort is on a bold mission to support healthy families who impact the lives of children in crisis.  We support families by providing financial assistance to those who give love, guidance and structure to children coming from crisis situations. As we support these families, together we are creating a healthy legacy and generations will be impacted. 


Treefort is nonprofit offering support for those who create a home for children in crisis. Our goal is to ensure that children in need are given a family environment that includes the necessities required to raise successful, caring, and compassionate children into young adults who contribute to society. It takes a village and Treefort supports those creating a home environment for children in need. A real, functional family is necessary for all children. We know that with family comes structure, guidance, and real protection. Along with that comes a brighter future. Treefort assists in the financial need for families to meet the goals of creating a family environment for children who need their support.


Our vision is young adults, who follow Christ and contribute to society in a positive way.  We seek to rebuild lives, not just meet short-term needs.


Please explore these pages and share them with friends and family.  Find answers to questions, envision the impact, keep up on new developments and get to know the leaders.  And if you catch the vision, please join with us to continue to grow Treefort’s mission.


Treefort exists to support healthy families who impact the lives of children in crisis.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the services that Treefort has to offer,  contact us today.

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