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Entering this new phase of Treefort we were not sure exactly what to expect, but have learned several things:

  1. There are many people providing healthy families for children in crisis right here in our community. We are thankful for what they are giving physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially to these children day in and day out.

  2. These families have financial needs. Many of these families who are caring for children from crisis situations could use some financial assistance.

  3. We need your help. Our 2021 giving budget will not cover all the requests we have received. Would you be willing to make a one-time donation to help us be able to grant more of these requests this spring? DONATE NOW...all donations will go fully and directly to families who are caring for children in crisis.

  • Help providing a more reliable car for a family taking foster children to appointments and activities.

  • Money to add raised garden beds in the backyard to teach children to nurture young plants and reap healthy food.

  • A need for a playset in the backyard providing a place for children to burn off energy and get fresh air and exercise.

  • A sectional sofa for a growing family to be comfortably together as they watch movies, read and simply hang out.

  • A new dishwasher purchased and installed


These things and many more are needed by families next door who are caring for children from crisis situations.

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