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Raising Children.  Changing the Future.


Have a question about Treefort?  Please call us at 765.730-0473, email info@treefortindiana.com, or use the form below!

If you know a family who could greatly benefit from Treefort's assistance please reach out.

There are many ways to partner with Treefort, and each method will directly build and enhance our services to children in crisis.  

FINANCIAL PARTNERSHIPS make it possible for Treefort to assist others in providing healthy family environments for children whose lives are in crisis.

You may use the button above to donate via GiveLively or mail a check to us directly at Treefort, Attn: Support, 14327 E CR 150 S, Parker City, IN 47368.  


If you would like to partner with Treefort on an on-going basis, there are several ways to do so:

          1.  Click the "monthly" button above

          2.  Set up an automatic monthly payments in your financial institution's online billpay system.  If this is your intention, please click here to let us know.

          3.  Complete the ACH debit authorization form and email it to us to set-up an automatic ACH debit straight from your bank account to ours each month. 


GIFT PARTNERSHIPS give Treefort material goods for homes and stretch our budget further to reach more children.

If you would like to work alongside us with an in-kind donation, click here to inform us of what you have in mind or call us at 765-730-0473.

TIME PARTNERSHIPS use your skills and abilities to serve with Treefort.

If time is your desired way of partnership, click here to let us know of your availability, or call us at 765-730-0473.