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Raising Boys.  Building Men.

What age boys do you take?

We prefer that boys come to Treefort between the ages of 5 and 12, but once here, they may stay as long as they need to.  There is no upper age limit at which point a child would have to move on.  (If you know a boy for whom Treefort may be the way out of crisis, access the application here.)


How long do the boys live at Treefort?

We ask that parents commit to allowing their child to stay at Treefort for at least one full school year.  However, a boy may stay at Treefort as long as it is best that he be here.  There is no maximum amount of time that he is allowed to stay.


What is your religious affiliation?

While we are not affiliated with any specific church or denomination, Christian principles guide the Treefort family's daily living. (See Statement of Faith.)


Do you work with the State of Indiana Department of Child Services?

No, we do not currently work with the State of Indiana.  We are privately funded and parents who choose to have their boy live at Treefort do so voluntarily.


Do you work with families or just the boys?

Our primary focus is the boys.  It is our goal to help them break generational cycles and find a better way forward.  However, we understand that a child is a part of an extended family unit and does not function autonomously and so we desire to help families make changes that they wish to make.  We offer periodic parenting classes and assist them in finding outside resources that can help them find healing while their son is at Treefort.


How many boys live in one home at Treefort?

The maximum number of children in any Treefort home is 6.  This number includes any children that the Treefort parents may have themselves.


Who is responsible for the boys who live there?

While a child lives at Treefort, he will be under the care of his Treefort parents.  They will be the ones who are responsible for the boys day in and day out.  This couple will be hired by Treefort, screened thoroughly and trained sufficiently.  (Download the Treefort House Parent application here.)  The Treefort Director will also live near the property and be helping with the boys on a regular basis.  While a child lives at Treefort, his parents maintain full custody and legal rights.


Do parents have to give up custody for their child to live at Treefort?

No.  Anyone who brings a child to Treefort does so of their own free will, looking for somewhere for their child to land while they handle the crisis in their own life.  The parents of children at Treefort maintain full custody and legal rights of their child while giving permission to the Treefort family to make decisions for the boy that can help him grow into the young man he was created to be.  (If you know a boy for whom Treefort may be the way out of crisis, access the application here.)


Where does Treefort fit in?

Most state welfare agencies are allowed to rescue only those children who have suffered blatant abuse or neglect, leaving thousands of children and their families in difficult situations.  Sometimes the circumstances are economic, with many families experiencing financial crisis, unemployment, and even homelessness.  Many others are dealing with parental drug or alcohol use, illness or incarceration or are being raised by ailing grandparents.  Children in a family traumatized by crisis become especially at risk for neglect or abuse as their parents themselves struggle to cope with crushing circumstances and emotions.  Without assistance, these situations often lead to abuse or neglect episodes that have lasting consequences for the child.


How does Treefort help?

We will be raising the boys in a healthy family setting that emphasizes our core values of:

  • discipleship in Jesus as part of everything we do

  • love, respect, encouragement and support for others

  • responsibility and nurture of land, plants and animals

  • an active and disciplined lifestyle