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Raising Children.  Changing the Future.

Who do you offer grants to?

We are currently creating a grant application process. Any family that is or is working towards creating a healthy family environment for a child whose life is in crisis would be considered eligible to submit.


What items could be requested through the grant?

If the request will help a child in crisis join a family or continue with a family that can offer guidance and love, then it would be considered eligible. Legal fees for adoption, bedroom furniture to bring in a child, clothing, or general financial support will all be considered.  


What is your religious affiliation?

While we are not affiliated with any specific church or denomination, Christian principles guide the decision making process in all aspects at Treefort. (See Statement of Faith.)


Do you work with the State of Indiana Department of Child Services?

No, we do not currently work with the State of Indiana.  We are privately funded and award grants to both those working with DCS and those who are not.


Do you offer other resources?

Financial support is our main goal. Our hope is to turn a dream into a reality for those who wish to make a large impact on the lives of children. We also can offer suggestions for other resources during transition times. We place great focus on families who are breaking generational cycles and creating a better way forward for children in need.


How many children do you assist yearly?

This varies based on the needs annually. Need varies from those who need the items to create the room for an additional child in the family, to those who need assistance with legal fees. The costs is greatly different. Therefore, the budget is set annually and considered while making decisions on funding.


Who is responsible for awarding grants?

The Executive Director will process the applications and work closely with the Treefort Board of Directors to choose families who can make a great impact on children’s lives, but who need a bit of assistance to reach their goal of doing so.


Where does Treefort fit in?

Most state welfare agencies are allowed to rescue only those children who have suffered blatant abuse or neglect, leaving thousands of children and their families in difficult situations.  Sometimes the circumstances are economic, with many families experiencing financial crisis, unemployment, and even homelessness.  Many others are dealing with parental drug or alcohol use, illness or incarceration or are being raised by ailing grandparents.  Children in a family traumatized by crisis become especially at risk for neglect or abuse as their parents themselves struggle to cope with crushing circumstances and emotions.  We seek to assist those caring for a child and creating a healthy family environment for them, when, for whatever reason, those needs were not met at home.


How does Treefort help?

We will be supporting families who open their home and their love children in crisis. While each are  not required, we do look at our families for our core values of:

·         discipleship in Jesus as part of everything we do

·         love, respect, encouragement and support for others

·         responsibility and nurture of land, plants and animals

·         an active and disciplined lifestyle



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