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Treefort's Pay It Forward Fund

Inspired by the generous living of J.D. and Jenny Collins

A note from Justin and Sandy Ullom, Treefort's founders...

There are those moments in each of our lives when an event embeds its memory deep in your heart. For us it was a moment in December 2008, shortly before Christmas. It had been a challenging year, both emotionally and financially, when out of the blue some people we knew handed us a card with a check tucked inside. While this check gave us the opportunity to go to Target and purchase Christmas gifts for our five young children, more importantly it gave us the sense that we were seen. It let us know that we weren't facing the challenges alone.

This fund is used to stay connected to our Benbow Family Legacy Grantees, as well as give them opportunities to pay it forward to others they know in situations that are similar to their own. To make a designated donation to this fund, dedicate your gift in honor of JD and Jenny Collins when you click here to give.

Pay It Forward Christmas Event 2021

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