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Greetings Friends of Treefort! We hope this message finds you well. We are certainly in unprecedented times and we are so thankful for the support of our wonderful community.

We wanted to bring you an update on the transition of Treefort from a home for boys whose lives are in crisis, to a foundation supporting families who are creating a healthy family environment for children in crisis. Your outpouring of support has been tremendous through this transition and we are so grateful.

We continue to be thankful to have had the ability to impact boys’ lives in such a positive manner in the Treefort home. Coming to the realization that the need is growing greater has made it necessary to shift the mission, which will allow new possibilities and additional children to receive the support to grow in a safe, loving environment.

We plan to select our first family to support in the near future and plan to work closely with our local churches, community organizations, and state agencies to ensure that we select families that will thrive, because of Treefort’s support.

Our fundraising efforts persist in order to support our bold mission. We will keep you posted on upcoming events as we are able to safely plan them. We look forward to reconnecting with you. Until then, stay healthy.

We appreciate your love and support for Treefort!

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