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Raising Children.  Changing the Future.

Windswept Hills is the name of a property on the highest point in Delaware County, Indiana.  It also calls to mind Ezekiel 37, where the wind of God swept through a valley giving life to dry bones.  This beautiful site at the corner of Eaton-Albany Pike and County Road 350 East will be home to Treefort -- and more importantly, home to at-risk boys where their lives can be healed, restored, and made new.


With a mix of woods, farmland, an existing creek, and plans to build a large new pond, Treefort will be a refuge in the country.  The house will be clean, safe, and designed to encourage interaction along with an appropriate level of privacy.


But even more important than the setting will be the family environment created and maintained for the boys.  They will be nurtured, encouraged, and given the direction they need to prosper spiritually, educationally, emotionally and physically.



The Treefort Timeline

Treefort is in motion!  The timeline above illustrates how far we have come and what remains to be done.


The vision for a ministry like Treefort was planted years ago while Sandy and Justin Ullom were volunteering at a boys' home in Oklahoma.  When property was donated for that same purpose in Delaware County, Indiana, there was no denying the hand of God at work.


The planning stage began in earnest.  For a ministry with the legal, moral and financial implications of caring for boys in crisis, the planning stage has necessarily been long and very thorough.  Every aspect of starting, funding, building and operating such a life-changing ministry has been addressed in painstaking detail.  A board and leadership team is in place to take the vision into reality.


Windswept Hills, Inc. has their 501(c)3 not-for-profit status as recognized by the IRS.  This enables contributions to Treefort to be tax-deductible, along with other operating benefits which brings us to the funding stage of Treefort.


Efforts to generate widespread and on-going support have included printed materials, appointments with churches and referral sources, a Facebook page and the website you are on now.  Treefort is a completely privately funded organization, will you or someone you know partner with us as we grow?   


Treefort seeks to rebuild lives that are in crisis, to give a new direction to boys who need guidance and care and a safe place to call home.  Treefort seeks to make a lifelong difference, not just a short-term escape.  To do this, we needed to remodel the home that was given to Treefort. This began in January of 2016 and was completed by contractors and volunteers throughout that year. 


 Our first Treefort parents moved into the home in November 2016 and began their training and preparation to begin making an impact for at-risk boys. In late February of 2017 we connected with a family who needed the resources of Treefort.  He came to live with us and the first Treefort family began.  Like with every family, there are ups and downs, but the ministry of changing the trajectory of boys' lives has begun.  


There is room for several houses to be built at Treefort and the need is already great.  Please contact us today and make a difference for at-risk boys in Indiana.  We believe it will make a difference in your life, too.

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