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I Packed a Pebble When We Moved!

I picked up the small smooth stone off my husbands desk and gently set it in a box. As I unpacked, I found it again and I thought to myself, "Did I really pack a rock and move it with us?" Yes, yes I did!

And then it hit me, this is what Treefort is all about...a rock, a small, smooth stone.

How many boys are there who don't have a dad who cares enough to save the "special" rock they found, much less have it sitting out for display on his desk! That's the why - it's because their are boys living all around us who need an adult to validate them in the little things, to encourage their dreams and passions, to help them through their fears and trials, to be there day in and day out, to save the special rock and pack it when they move.

We are now accepting applications for boys to come live at Treefort. You can download the application here if you or someone you know might be in a season of crisis and need the support of a healthy family environment.

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