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Spring Break...Treefort Style

Am I alone in feeling like it's so much work to prepare for a spring break family vacation that just getting into the car with five children in tow feels like a great sense of accomplishment? Then begins the hours in a car with 5 pre-adolescent children and let me tell you, "vacation" doesn't seem like the most fitting word for that adventure! However we do the work of preparation, we stick together during the not-so-peaceful ride for one get to the destination!

Here at Treefort we've been doing the work of preparing for 4 1/2 years and many of you have joined us in that preparation. I'm excited to share with you that we are finally in the car and ready to begin the journey ahead. At the end of February a young man moved into Treefort and we are working now to re-create a healthy family environment for him as he lives here.

We are helping him reach some educational goals that have been set for him.

We are opening opportunities for him to try his hand at interests he wants to pursue.

We are providing him with opportunities to find healing...

all within a peaceful home environment.

We've jumped in excited and ready for the bumpy ride because we know it will be worth it to reach the goal of helping boys change the trajectory of their lives, so that they become men who follow Jesus and contribute to our society in positive ways. We know that so many of you who have joined us in the work of preparation will stick with us on this next leg of our journey, and we will welcome so many more who will join us along the way...even when it's a not-so-peaceful ride.

We're excited for the Treefort family to continue to grow. The preparation and the journey are worth it to reach the destination!

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