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Merry Christmas from Treefort

Christmas is a time of waiting...

  • We wait for family to arrive and celebrate the holidays together.

  • We wait for the cookies to bake and the food to cook.

  • We wait for school to let out for break.

  • We wait excitedly for Christmas morning.

  • We wait to see what is so carefully wrapped under the tree.

We wait, we wait, we wait...and when the waiting is over, happiness abounds!

For thousands of years, people waited for a Messiah and their waiting ended unexpectedly with the humble birth of Jesus. Today we wait for that Messiah to return and make all things new again. When the waiting is over, there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain. Joy will abound!

However, in the midst of the waiting, death and mourning, crying and pain abound. At Treefort, we are looking forward to providing a healing place for boys in the midst of this pain. We hope that this next year will bring all of the dreams and work to the point of reality.

We are continuing to raise money to build the first Treefort home so the waiting will be over. Please consider investing in the lives of boys, living this Christmas in the midst of chaos and crisis, by contributing to Treefort with a year end gift.

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