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We have a lift-off!

Ready, set, go!


Down, set, hike!

Drivers, start your engines!

Whatever your preferred method of getting started is, it always takes some initial preparation, the anticipation intensifies and then...

the race starts,

the shuttle lifts off,

the ball is snapped!

Here at Treefort the anticipation is intensifying and the ministry is ready to begin. We have spent several years in preparation and WE ARE READY FOR LIFT-OFF! In January we will begin remodelling the house that will become the first Treefort home and it is our goal to be ready to accept boys to Treefort by summertime. These are exciting times!

Now is the time to jump in with us...only if you like to be part of something exciting, significant and life-changing that is!

How can you jump in with us? Well, I'm glad you asked!

1. Make an end of year help us continue on the path to beginning work with boys this coming summer we need to continue to raise funds (and you get one more tax write-off for 2015!)

2. Volunteer to help with the remodel...anyone can tear-out drywall! Email us at and let us know of your willingness to volunteer in this way.

3. Spread the word that we are looking for Treefort parents...or submit an application yourself if you are interested in this role! The application is online, or people can contact us at or 765-212-9590 for more information.

4. Pray! The need for you to join us in this way will never end!

3,2,1...join with us during this exciting time of LIFT-OFF!

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