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Now Hiring!

We are now accepting applications for our first Treefort parents!

"Great!" you say...

"But what in the world do Treefort parents do?"

Well, I'm glad you asked!

Treefort parents will care for the boys living at Treefort exactly the way healthy parents care for their children.

The Treefort parents will spend their days doing things like:

  • driving the boys to school

  • helping them with homework

  • feeding them

  • taking them to church as a family

  • giving them piggy back rides

  • playing catch in the backyard

  • feeding them

  • giving them ibuprofen for their headache

  • teaching them to do chores

  • having them clean their rooms (and then clean their rooms again according to the correct definition of a clean room)

  • helping them resolve conflicts with their Treefort brothers

  • feeding them

  • coaching them in

social interactions

  • roasting marshmallows while talking about life

  • did I mention, feeding them!

All of the things parents would do for their own child, the Treefort parents will do for these boys...because they are re-creating a family. These are their children while they live at Treefort!

The main job of a Treefort Parent is to, well, parent.

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