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I Love Missing Church!

Before you get all up in arms or withdraw your support, let me clarify...

Justin and I have visited a number of local churches over the last several months to share about Treefort. We've been to

churches with chairs & churches with pews,

churches with stained glass windows & churches with no building to call their own,

churches that served donuts & those that did not (I like the donut churches better, by the way!)

churches who worship with electric guitars & churches who worshipped with organs and handbells.

It's been a beautiful mix. It's been a great reminder that we worship one God in so many different ways and He meets us in each of those places and each of those ways.

We've met many people, many very nice people....and we've had many of these very nice people express their support for Treefort in so many ways. Some have offered prayers, others have helped us continue to expand our network by connecting us with other people. Some have written us a one-time check, others have begun to support us monthly. Some have completed an application for the job of Treefort Parents, others have offered to make available their time and talents when we need them.

It's been a good experience, but as I sit here today reflecting on all the visits, I can truly say I've missed my church...and I love that I feel this way. I love missing church! It's not because of the kind of windows we have or the instruments we use (and we don't have donuts, so it's not because of that!). It's because I miss my friends, my people....those who know my personality quirks and my secrets and still love me, those with whom I've walked through valleys and celebrated on mountaintops. God did not make us to do life in isolation, he made us to know and be known. Worshipping with those who know me and to whom I am known is something I've missed lately.

So, to all the new friends I've met over the last several months, I'm glad I've met you. Thank you for your words of encouragement, your support of Treefort and your passion to help re-create a healthy home for boys who need one. It keeps us going to know that so many in our community share this dream. And to my old friends at The Gathering, I'm glad I've missed you!

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